The objective of Vaxdyn is to take advanced biotechnology to the front of the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Decrease the impact on public health of infections caused by drug-resistant pathogens.


Be an international reference in the development of biological drugs against drug-resistant pathogens.


Immunotherapy to fight bacterial infections with vaccines (preventive immunity) and monoclonal antibodies (immunotherapy).

Business Strategy

In the long term the strategy is the develoment of PRODUCTS such as antigens, immunomodulators, nanoparticles and mAbs. The strategy is to create value through the development of its own products in the first stages, in order to position Vaxdyn´s technology attractive for co-development or licensing by major biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies.

In the short term, Vaxdyns has the capacity to delivery SERVICES focused in the discovery and performance of antigens, immunomodulators, nanoparticles and mAbs.

In order to be able to delivery the above services, vaxdy´s researchers have developed,

    • VaxDefine discovery platform for the rapid and cost-effective identification of antigens with a high probability of success. Expertise in immunomodulatory modules.
    • Expertise in animal models of infection with multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens for proof-of-concept testing.
    • Large collections of epidemiologically diverse bacterial pathogens for molecular epidemiology studies of identified antigens.